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The SX paratrike with Polini THOR 250 engine is a flying unit which unites diverse features and very good performance at different levels:

Power: outstanding because of its engine configuration

– Transport: quick and simple to take it away, since it is fully detachable and folding

Comfort: the harness possition results in very comfortable flying

*We recommend the SX Paratrike with Thor 303 engine for medium & high pilot weight in single seat flying use.

Polini has launched the THOR303 engine replacing its Thor 250 the new engine featuring now 38 hp power and 281 cc is specially recommended for trike-paratrike use. Easy start, lineal power, and low vibration.
Polini has completely redesigned cylinder, crankshaft, carburetor, air box, CDI and exhaust system to grant better performance and flight safety.
The consumption is only of 3 liters per hour at 4500 rpm, that corresponds to 30 kg of static thrust, medium range at level flight.
This engine features centrifugal clutch, and thanks to the liquid refrigeration system of significant radiator size plus a water pump, its performance is above any other engine since it allows a very intensive use and, even so, to have a resistant long-lasting engine, providing extraordinary constancy in performance at all speeds stages.

THOR303 is available in 3 versions:
-Thor 303 with Manual “Flash starter”
-Thor 303 with electric starter+ Manual “Flash starter”
-Thor 303 Dual Spark (manual+electric start)

Nowadays we can definitively speak of Polini THOR 303 as one of the best engines in its displacement segment for Trikes and Paratrikes use.

  • Maximum thrust with 2 blades 130 cm carbon propeller – 95 kg
  • Recommended pilot weight – 80 to 150 kg

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