We introduce the new MY20 TWENTY Version that Vittorazi has launched for the Atom & Moster engines

As a result of an important research and development work carried out in terms of safety and durability of its components, in addition to having achieved a significant reduction in the need of these engines maintenance requests.


The most important activity carried out in the Moster 185 model has been in the exhaust line which, in addition to maintaining the performance, design and stability already achieved in the MY19 version, the new MY20 version adds new improvements which have delivered excellent durability and safety results, even putting the engine to the test in multiple and different extreme situations.
These enhancements include:

  • bronze washer with new geometry , special materials and wider contact surface
  • reinforced manifold (double line welding)
  • plus new additional gasket which reduces the stress work in the manifold



Some other components that have been improved in the MY20 Moster are:

  • Cylinder with new Nikasil plating treatment, for greater performance and durability
  • Anti-rotation device for pull starter shaft
  • New material for the airbox rubber sleeve, to ensure longer life and stability of the system
  • BR9 spark plug with steel pin, for greater stability of the cap
  • Oil-seals of the highest quality and durability, always Made in Italy
  • Treatment of all screws with an anti-corrosion system.


  • New design, new fusion technology of the engine crankcase and of the reduction drive:
    • Greater precision in mechanical processing, with the advantage of precise and always guaranteed coupling;
    • Better aesthetic finishes;
    • Less weight from new geometries;
    • Added oil drain plug on a magnetic base in the reduction drive;
    • Added inspection hole of the reduction drive oil level.
  • Reinforced silencer plate, thickness increase (+1.0 mm) and geometry change
  • New Walbro WB series Carburettor, stability in all weather conditions, with the possibility of adjusting the H jet to compensate for the lower atmospheric temperatures
  • New clutch design with noise damper
  • New material for the Airbox rubber sleeve
  • BR9 spark plug with steel pin, for greater stability of the cap
  • Seals of very high quality and durability, as ever Made in Italy
  • Treatment of all screws with anti-corrosion system.

THESE ENGINES: ATOM y MOSTER MY’20  ARE ALREADY AVAILABLE FOR SALE, although we are gradually updating its description (including these new data) on our web in every model of  Paramotor and Paratrike.