New 130 cm wood propeller for THOR 250 (Polini)

New 130 cm wood propeller for THOR 250 (Polini)

Introducing the new wood propeller for Polini THOR 250 in 130 cm
produced by AEROBAT

After making many tests with this propeller in the Thor 250 engine with positive results, we can definitively say that the performarce of this wood propeller in 130 cm in the engine is exactly the same as the carbon fiber propeller performance in same diameter 130cm.
The advantage of the wood propeller is its  cheaper price respect the carbon fiber prop,  another matter to consider is that the reparation on wood propellers is also a little easier.

This 130 cm wood propeller is designed and produced to support the THOR 250 engine power, 36 hp, so it is especially reinforeced for this purpose.

Produced in first quality beech wood, with gloss varnish finish, moisture resistant.


In case you want to buy this propeller contact an AIRFER dealer close to you, or you may also contact us directly.