New MINI JET AIRFER Version (Mini-Trike PENDULAR for Ala Delta)

New MINI JET AIRFER Version (Mini-Trike PENDULAR for Ala Delta)

We are glad to launch the new MINI-JET (AIRFER) for Ala Delta, a new detachable and folding version (in case of textil harness).

This new version of our Pendular Trike is very easy to be transported, because Trike can be FOLDED in two, and is completely detachable.
It is produced in rectangular stainless steel tubes, combining these materials in a light but strong and resistant design.


  • complete Trike weight with Moster 185 Plus:  36 kg
  • total Trike lenght: 1,77 m
  • rear axle width (standard): 1,53 m
  • fuel tank: 10 liters
  • propeller: 2 blades carbon prop 130 cm Helix.

For the folding MINI-JET version we fit the textil harness, similar design to a “hammock”, and it is produced in high resistance fabric, with reinforced straps, including pilot belts for waist and shoulders.
The other harness version we fit in this trike is the fiber glass harness (NOT folding trike with it), this is ergonomic comfort model; “car upholstered” type) .
The rear axle is produced in torsion bars of strong aluminum (7075 quality) which provides very good stability in running and the perfect damping, just the enough and suitable attenuation required for this use.
The front wheel has a brake, and every wheel in the trike has a dimension of 370 mm, intermediate size, suitable for any terrain type.

The Mini-Jet also has foot throttle, and hand throttle (cruise).

  • ENGINES: at the moment we are fitting Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus MY19 engine and Cors-Air Black Devil PRO.
  • PROPELLER: standard trike delivery with 2 blades carbon propeller 130 cm (both in Moster and Black Devil PRO).
  • FINISH: standard finish on “mirror” polished stainless steel or any RAL color as option (on stainless steel).

We can also offer to heavier pilots the new folding and detachable Mini-Jet in a reinforced version,  with an optional engine of higher cylinder capacity  (Thor 250 Polini). You can contact us in case you need further information on this option, and also in case you need further information on our Mini-Jet.

We also invite you to visit our Trikes and Paratrikes section (upper menu) for paragliders to know our wide models range.
You can see a video with the Mini-Jet in this link, and some photos here:

Above MINI-JET with fiber glass harness, ergonomic comfort (NOT folding trike version). Bellow the Mini-Jet with textil harness (Folding trike version)