Swissauto 250 AERO 1000 – 4 Strokes engine NOW in AIRFER TRIKES

Swissauto 250 AERO 1000 – 4 Strokes engine NOW in AIRFER TRIKES

Introducing the new 4 strokes engine option in our Paratrikes:

       AERO 1000 4 strokes engine (Swissauto 250 – Helvenco) 

This is a swiss origin and last-generation engine with great reviews all over the world. This engine was widely tested in aviation before its merchandising with hundred of prototypes being evaluated, resulting in an excelent quality and performance in the current engine: reliable, specially resistant, very low consumption and reduced emisions.
The AERO 1000 is regarded as one the best 4 strokes aviation engines in its class.

Available option in DIAMOND EVO.


Cicle: 4 strokes
Displacement: 250 cc
Power: 35 hp
Refrigeration: liquid
Feed system: fuel injection
Start: electric
Max RPM: 9500
Reduction: belt transmision with centrifugal clutch
Cylinder Head: 4 valves per cylinder – DOHC on roller bearings
Lubrication System: dry sump with diaphragm
Thrust: 126 kg maximum
Ignition: digital CDI with revolution limiter
Fuel consumption: 4,3 liters hour
Engine weight: (with water and oil, without battery): 36,40 kg
Maximum recommended weight (pilot+passenger): 100 + 100 kg


The AERO 1000 EFI 4 strokes engine is equipped with a timing chain, and all rotating axles of the engine are fitted with ball or needle bearings, additionally this engine features liquid refrigeration resulting in an optimal temperature stabilization of 140º during flight (well below the average flight temperature in 2 strokes engines).
All the mentioned features contributes greatly to the long life of this engine, and a low maintenance demand, that is why the manufacturer recommends the TBO (Time Before Overhaul revision) of 500 hours.


Another advantage of the 4 strokes AERO 100 EFI engine is the low consumption, which improves the flying autonomy respect of the 2 strokes engines, particularly in the case of high weight pilots.


  • optimized mapping for AERO inclusive altitude correction.
  • 100Kg/220lbs thrust with helix 140cm 3 blade propeller – 126 kg thrust with HTC 175cm 3 blades propeller
  • 14K belt drive with exchangeable pulleys; available ratios 3,4 to 4,6 (0,2 interval)
  • PHISAS (propeller hub integrated shock absorbing system)
  • long propeller hub for maximum air-flow
  • upgradeable to AERO1500 (to be expected 2020)