MY’19: NEW version of Moster 185 Plus

MY’19: NEW version of Moster 185 Plus

The performance of the Moster 185 (in all versions since the beginning) has been always more than satisfactory: an excellent start, low noise, and low vibration. However Vittorazi continues to focus on technical development and constant innovation, always in pursuit of all excellence and quality for its products, and thee new MY19 version arises from this premise.
The Moster 185 Plus MY19 is featured by a complete review and advanced development of its components, specially in the air-box line (with notable improvements in its design, use and operation), and also in the exhaust, which has been redesinged to reduce the overall dimensions, and to extend the period before TBO (Time Between Overhaul) period of the engine.
In adition MY19 version implies a fuel consumption reduction up to 15% less than its previous Dark Evolution version.


Safer position:

  • integrated into the engine, in suspension on the rubber; the system moves in harmony with the engine
  • the sleeve is not stressed and has a longer life
  • less risk of entry of foreign bodies inside the airbox (sand, grass..) thanks to the new air inlet position
  • the safety cable towards the frame was eliminated



Simpler use:

  • NO need of installation (it is fixed to the engine by anti-vibration mounts), the sleeve integrated with the filter can be removed and washed
  • more compact/reduced size which simplifies transport, and more attractive design.


Superior performance

  • the volumes and fluid dynamics of the airbox system have been optimized, and consumption has been reduced by 10-15% at cruising speed (5.000-6.000 rpm).
  • the air inlet in the new airbox system has been stabilised and is able to always offer a prompt restart at any speed, without incertitude even in sudden accelerations.
  • the mass of air that is sucked by the propeller meeting a more compact geometry, reduces the turbulence of the system


  • safer because the filter has a double layer of sponge to separate large and thin powders
  • more silent because the resonance that comes from the engine is attenuated by the filter, the plastic materials and the airbox geometry
  • more stability because the side entry of the fuel pipe eliminates the air bubbles from the fuel system and improves the idle stability
  • the diaphragm pressure tube has been integrated into the carburetor to ensure more safety and stability even in the engine conditions flooded and excess oil



  • new bronze whasher/bushing with NO need to be replaced every 25 hours as recently, BUT every 50 hours now, which increased contact surface, which avoid any jamming in the critical area of spherical joint, lower oil leaks due to the new exhaust flanging shape Safer as the exhaust has 4 springs now

and all exhaust brackets with a large weld surface, so the sheet metal runs less risk of breaking, as they all work equally, thanks to a greater distribution of mechanical stress.

    • also each has a lower load than before. Unloading in this way can last longer. There is now no oil leak due to possible misalignments of the junction during operation.
  • Stronger:

    • the reinforcement size has been increased from the beginning of the manifold till the end of the curve, a great improvement job on all the critical areas (which use to be warmer and more stressed by vibrations).

    • the exhaust has been printed in a single cold form pressing, so as to avoid too many welds, thanks to an extremely advanced technology

    • the welding that runs throughout the perimeter is oxyacetylene,  and the used materials are all certified, controlled and produced in Europe

    • the new Db-killer reduce noise for lower frequencies

The exhaust is COMPACT AND MORE CENTERED than the engine: the new shape also allows you to mount the electric motor and the airbox.
The dimensions have been reduced and the transport is now easier. Vibrations are better distributed on the supports, between brackets and vibration dampeners, and those transmitted to the pilots.

The engine gives GREAT STABILITY, thanks to a linear and stable power dispensing and fuel consumption is also lower, thanks to a very regular torque lead and to the stability of the RPM, with superior performance and no waste of petrol.







  • PUEDES ACCEDER YA A LOS EQUIPOS CON EL NUEVO MOTOR MOSTER 185 PLUS MY’19 , en las secciones correspondientes.